How many people can I follow/unfollow each day without being banned?




  • Jim Harris

    What are the ratios? I am making the following up but looking for something like this: 

    if you have 2,000 followers or fewer you must follow less than 100 people a day 

    With 5,000 followers you can follow 199 a day 

    With 10,000 you can follow up to 399 people a day 

    With 25,000 or more you can follow 999 a day 

  • Nadia hapsari
    With 30 or more you kan follow 171 a day
  • Yousiff

    i have 8k and i following 1000 per day from 4 month ago .. i never got banned !

  • Im Luke

    Thanks, I was scared that I unfollowed too many people lol.


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